Shopping Mania
on foot: 9.05km 113m
In this umpteenth African Summer right here in Milan, you really have to come up with creative ways to find a bit of muc
Mappa Buoni Propositi
on foot: 16.93km 211m
It may well be a melancholy and thoughtful start to the year, but don’t let that stop you making plans and thinking po
Mappa Luca Ronconi
on foot: 13.51km 168m
The essence of the genius of Luca Ronconi, and his credo inspired by the substance of things, demand both respect and ri
Mappa Nina Grassi Vinchi
on foot: 13.57km 170m
Let’s dedicate our thoughts and a nice walk to that grand lady of Milanese and Italian theatre, Nina Grassi Vinchi.
La Milano del Flaneur
on foot: 4.24km 53m
There’s a classic Parisian gentleman out and about in Milan, who’s enjoying the early-Autumn hues and the floral cre
Gifts for kids
on foot: 8.70km 109m
Nuovo Avvento-time, a new race and a new direction!
Comfort Milano
on foot: 17.79km 222m
Let’s enjoy this World Happiness Day by visiting the places in Milan that make us feel happy, put a smile on our faces
Umberto Eco
on foot: 7.48km 93m
Greeting a Giant of Culture like Umberto Eco, who , for me, will forever be the Professor, is a difficult task that beco
Mappa Design loves Milan
on foot: 32.43km 415m
With the sparkling effervescence of Design Week invading the whole of Milan, you simply can’t stay cooped up at home!
Delicious fish in Milan
on foot: 8.18km 103m
Longing for summer and some creatively prepared, perfectly cooked and ready to eat fish? Our Milan always knows how to k