Piero Fornasetti
on foot: 2.58km 33m
Eclectic, rebellious, imaginatively “outside the box” and totally immune to the hypocrisy of
Jole Veneziani
on foot: 3.60km 45m
In honour of "She who made Milan great" with her fabrics and creative ideas, courage and audacity and ignored
on foot: 3.87km 49m
The Milanoamodomio logo doesn’t feature any image of the Duomo or the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, nor should or c
Henry Beyle
on foot: 8.54km 107m
Now here’s a Frenchman who loves Milan and deserves to be remembered, no matter what!
Gabriele Salvatores
on foot: 10.12km 128m
Time for a creative walk in honour of a truly creative film maker, Gabriele Salvatores.
on foot: 12.58km 156m
As the 22nd of November approaches, it seems to me to be quite natural to walk around town, getting a whiff of some &quo
Dino Buzzati
on foot: 1.22km 15m
The arrival of Autumn always makes us want to gather our thoughts, perhaps in the company of some good reads and a few c
Lora Lamm
on foot: 16.80km 209m
In the current bedlam of publicity and much-debated and highly debatable advertising boards, I like to walk around Milan
Musei Anti-Afa
on foot: 55.85km 705m
The heat is not yet totally oppressive, but your mind is already wandering off to some cool, faraway location and your t
Lalla Romano
on foot: 0.34km 4m
Now, off to Brera we go, to experience a few of the settings captured on paper and canvas by Lalla Romano.