Olga Zaini
on foot: 7.01km 88m
In these early days of November, when you really struggle to find the energy to keep going, a
Piero Fornasetti
on foot: 2.58km 33m
Eclectic, rebellious, imaginatively “outside the box” and totally immune to the hypocrisy of
Rain Map
on foot: 8.10km 102m
In the midst of this latest never-ending rain and, dare I say it, the Great Flood of biblical proportions, why not beat
Cathy Berberian
on foot: 11.31km 140m
In order to pay homage to a true Lady of Music like Cathy Berberian, who managed to masterfully combine not only her pas
Gian Lupo Osti
on foot: 4.79km 60m
Gian Lupo Osti only spent a short while in Milan when, during the course of his brilliant career, he was appointed as Ma
on foot: 12.58km 156m
As the 22nd of November approaches, it seems to me to be quite natural to walk around town, getting a whiff of some &quo
Musei Anti-Afa
on foot: 55.85km 705m
The heat is not yet totally oppressive, but your mind is already wandering off to some cool, faraway location and your t
on foot: 8.11km 102m
It may be hard to believe, but Milan doesn’t actually have an established and recognised facility that brings together
Gabriele Basilico
on foot: 21.86km 273m
Gabriele Basilico’s premature, painful and sudden death has added a distinctly bitter edge to this guided tour that I
Mariangela Melato
on foot: 6.99km 88m
Taking a walk in memory of Mariangela Melato is a real privilege, because having been able to get to know her via her ma