Jole Veneziani
on foot: 3.60km 45m
In honour of "She who made Milan great" with her fabrics and creative ideas, courage and audacity and ignored
on foot: 10.86km 135m
In this rather mad month of May, we all get the urge to throw open the garage and haul out the bicycles!
Franco Albini
on foot: 4.97km 61m
I sometimes think that many places in Milan should thank heaven for the old-school, rational inspiration of Franco Albin
Young Guys in Milan
on foot: 56.31km 706m
So that the young guys of Milan don’t feel left out, and without giving in to superficiality since Father’s Day is s
Tutti pazzi per Charlotte!
on foot: 5.52km 68m
As ever-loyal enthusiasts of the unusual yet perfect look of the one and only Queen Elisabeth II, we were absolutely blo
La Milano del Flaneur
on foot: 4.24km 53m
There’s a classic Parisian gentleman out and about in Milan, who’s enjoying the early-Autumn hues and the floral cre
Regalo impossibile
on foot: 10.50km 131m
It’s Father’s Day again and the usual performance anxiety instinctively kicks in as you wrack your brains to come up
Milano dopo Sanremo
on foot: 15.55km 196m
After all the hype of the San Remo Music Festival week, you simply can’t help walking down the road singing “Occiden
Milano per il guardaroba
on foot: 7.02km 87m
The flowering Magnolias, crisp air and endlessly long days urge you to sort out your wardrobe and magically revamp it!
Wally Toscanini
on foot: 5.13km 63m
The flowery, cheeky month of May is the perfect time to take a stroll down to the grand lady of Milanese society, Wally