Sorelle Giussani
on foot: 2.05km 26m
Fifty years have passed since the very first issue of Diabolik landed on the shelves, followe
Cathy Berberian
on foot: 11.31km 140m
In order to pay homage to a true Lady of Music like Cathy Berberian, who managed to masterfully combine not only her pas
on foot: 10.86km 135m
In this rather mad month of May, we all get the urge to throw open the garage and haul out the bicycles!
Gian Lupo Osti
on foot: 4.79km 60m
Gian Lupo Osti only spent a short while in Milan when, during the course of his brilliant career, he was appointed as Ma
Dino Buzzati
on foot: 1.22km 15m
The arrival of Autumn always makes us want to gather our thoughts, perhaps in the company of some good reads and a few c
Anna Kuliscioff
on foot: 5.48km 68m
Anna Kuliscioff is undeniably and unquestionably an important part of the history of that aspect of Milan that we so lov
Eleonora Duse
on foot: 1.88km 23m
Born in Vigevano and prematurely deceased in Pittsburgh, the Grande Diva is very much part of Milan, not only because of
Alda Merini
on foot: 65.36km 805m
Whenever you think about poetry in Milan, after Carlo Porta the name Alda Merini immediately comes to mind.
Ada Negri
on foot: 1.37km 18m
Frivolous moods and greediness are the hallmarks of this trip dedicated to a truly old-school lady poet that you really
Brunella Gasperini
on foot: 8.55km 108m
Provocation is a subtle and complex art that needs to be refined over time and with the benefit of experience!