Lorenzo Cherubini
on foot: 14.81km 186m
As we wait patiently for the next big concert, why not try dedicating these next five steps to the ever-ingenious Lorenz
on foot: 6.34km 79m
In the days when the Teatro degli Olivetani in Via De Amicis still hosted the Cosetta Colla puppets on a regular basis,
Ortensia Pietrasanta
on foot: 11.00km 139m
With the advent of the cooler weather in September, we can start strolling around Milan with more Autumn-like thoughts a
Mappa Odb
on foot: 12.82km 159m
Now for a nervously creative stroll, thinking about the critical, rather caustic spirit of Oreste del Buono (OdB), the I
Milan goes East
on foot: 8.33km 104m
In the midst of the hot Milan summer, thinking about the Land of the Rising Sun really unburdens the heart and the mind!
Non solo Moda!
on foot: 80.51km 1,012m
In this week that’s all about an endless stream of fashion shows, let’s stroll through Milan to pay our respects to
A tutta Cultura!
on foot: 14.28km 178m
Summer, sunshine and white sand beaches may well be the norm, but as always, we like to do things our own way and go aga
Autunno a Milano
on foot: 55.49km 688m
Hauled out the winter cloche yet?Feeling all-powerful and want to freshen up the house and your diary before the start o
Christmas is coming into town
on foot: 11.48km 143m
In the midst of the pre-Christmas madness, head down to Carpe Diem for those special little finds for your Secret Santa
Montagna, mon amour!
on foot: 8.61km 108m
Time to reflect, sale time and time to look back on ski-slope memories: the mountains always remain close to the heart w