Cathy Berberian
on foot: 11.31km 140m
In order to pay homage to a true Lady of Music like Cathy Berberian, who managed to masterfully combine not only her pas
on foot: 3.87km 49m
The Milanoamodomio logo doesn’t feature any image of the Duomo or the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, nor should or c
Gabriele Salvatores
on foot: 10.12km 128m
Time for a creative walk in honour of a truly creative film maker, Gabriele Salvatores.
on foot: 12.58km 156m
As the 22nd of November approaches, it seems to me to be quite natural to walk around town, getting a whiff of some &quo
Franco Albini
on foot: 4.97km 61m
I sometimes think that many places in Milan should thank heaven for the old-school, rational inspiration of Franco Albin
Gabriele Basilico
on foot: 21.86km 273m
Gabriele Basilico’s premature, painful and sudden death has added a distinctly bitter edge to this guided tour that I
Mariangela Melato
on foot: 6.99km 88m
Taking a walk in memory of Mariangela Melato is a real privilege, because having been able to get to know her via her ma
Andrea Verga
on foot: 3.14km 39m
Avant-garde psychiatrist Andrea Verga is yet another important link in the chain of history of our kind of  Milan, and
Anna Kuliscioff
on foot: 5.48km 68m
Anna Kuliscioff is undeniably and unquestionably an important part of the history of that aspect of Milan that we so lov
Alda Merini
on foot: 65.36km 805m
Whenever you think about poetry in Milan, after Carlo Porta the name Alda Merini immediately comes to mind.