on foot: 12.58km 156m
As the 22nd of November approaches, it seems to me to be quite natural to walk around town, getting a whiff of some &quo
Musei Anti-Afa
on foot: 55.85km 705m
The heat is not yet totally oppressive, but your mind is already wandering off to some cool, faraway location and your t
Gabriele Basilico
on foot: 21.86km 273m
Gabriele Basilico’s premature, painful and sudden death has added a distinctly bitter edge to this guided tour that I
on foot: 16.45km 206m
Scerbanenco’s crime novels are set in a Milan with waterways that we sometimes forget we even have!
Young Guys in Milan
on foot: 56.31km 706m
So that the young guys of Milan don’t feel left out, and without giving in to superficiality since Father’s Day is s
W il Gazpacho!
on foot: 6.05km 75m
This summer has led us to "think seriously about the heat " rather than trying to fight it!
Mappa Design loves Milan
on foot: 32.43km 415m
With the sparkling effervescence of Design Week invading the whole of Milan, you simply can’t stay cooped up at home!
Milano Fuori Porta
on foot: 118.35km 1,491m
Our favourite little gem here in town is difficult to ignore, but we have to keep an eye on what’s new as well!
Bimbi in vacanza
on foot: 52.25km 649m
School is almost out and the first few hours of sweet freedom are looming for our little hard workers, so
Magic Summer in Milan
on foot: 46.98km 584m
August in Milan is hyperactive and tough, so enjoy this town that’s always open to inquisitive tourists and Milanese d