Olga Zaini
on foot: 7.01km 88m
In these early days of November, when you really struggle to find the energy to keep going, a
Rain Map
on foot: 8.10km 102m
In the midst of this latest never-ending rain and, dare I say it, the Great Flood of biblical proportions, why not beat
on foot: 10.86km 135m
In this rather mad month of May, we all get the urge to throw open the garage and haul out the bicycles!
Gian Lupo Osti
on foot: 4.79km 60m
Gian Lupo Osti only spent a short while in Milan when, during the course of his brilliant career, he was appointed as Ma
Gabriele Salvatores
on foot: 10.12km 128m
Time for a creative walk in honour of a truly creative film maker, Gabriele Salvatores.
Dino Buzzati
on foot: 1.22km 15m
The arrival of Autumn always makes us want to gather our thoughts, perhaps in the company of some good reads and a few c
Franco Albini
on foot: 4.97km 61m
I sometimes think that many places in Milan should thank heaven for the old-school, rational inspiration of Franco Albin
Musei Anti-Afa
on foot: 55.85km 705m
The heat is not yet totally oppressive, but your mind is already wandering off to some cool, faraway location and your t
Lalla Romano
on foot: 0.34km 4m
Now, off to Brera we go, to experience a few of the settings captured on paper and canvas by Lalla Romano.
Aaron Swartz
on foot: 8.24km 102m
Although he committed suicide and died at only 26 years of age, Aaron Swartz nevertheless has significant and preferenti