Mappa Luca Ronconi
on foot: 13.51km 168m
The essence of the genius of Luca Ronconi, and his credo inspired by the substance of things, demand both respect and ri
Mappa Milano per la Cultura
on foot: 20.96km 262m
It’s impossible to ignore and equally hard to start over, so all we can do is reflect and continue to live our lives h
Non solo Moda!
on foot: 80.51km 1,012m
In this week that’s all about an endless stream of fashion shows, let’s stroll through Milan to pay our respects to
Milan for two
on foot: 14.57km 181m
To celebrate yet another Saint Valentine’s Day in our own inimitable way, why not start off with a good game of squash
A little nook of intriguing vinyl records for experts!
Hangar Bicocca
A museum full of new ideas and avant-garde projects!