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  1. Food & Drinks

    Alle Zittelle Vineria

    Italiano Where a wine shop becomes a home away from home! Lingua Inglese A cosy, lively wine shop located in Viale Coni Zugna. Carefully selected bottles of wine, an ambience full of broad smiles and alcohol ... zitelle02.jpg da 18:00 a 01:00 Luoghi A&Co. A wine shop that can easily become home! Dimmi di più Luoghi ...

  2. Food & Drinks

    Enoteca da Gatto

    and anything related thereto! Dimmi di più Luoghi A&Co. A wine shop that can easily become home! Dimmi ... A nice welcome with always the right wine! Lingua Inglese Wine house that is also a cozy spot ...

  3. Food & Drinks

    Enoteca Ombre Rosse

    In vino veritas, semper! (In wine there is truth, always) Lingua Inglese This wine shop ... residence in the wine shop premises a few months ago and what a perfect match that is too! Cibarie buenos ...

  4. Food & Drinks

    Ricerca Vini

    Italiano A wine shop that feels just like home! Lingua Inglese A combined tavern and wine shop, what more ... a 20:00 ricercavini00.jpg ricercavini01.jpg da 09:30 a 13:00 da 15:30 a 20:00 Luoghi A&Co. A wine shop ... of the demands of wine enthusiasts and, as always, firmly rooted in Via Vincenzo Monti! Their online purchase ...

  5. Food & Drinks


    Italiano A wine shop that can easily become home! Lingua Inglese A trio of friends, with backgrounds ... that will even win over the most recalcitrant of mother in laws. With a refreshing choice that also includes young Australian wines. A must visit for the wine lover. Cibarie vercelli wine shop da 15:30 a 20:00 ...

  6. Shop

    Vini Barbaglia

    and curious and a true passion for excellent wine, all combined with exceptional skills: Vini Barbaglia and their Boca wine will, without any doubt whatsoever, satisfy even the most refined palate! Be sure to make an appointment before leaving home! Shop fuori porta viveri barbaglia1.png barbaglia2.png Location Dante n. 54 ...

  7. Travel

    Milano per i drinks

    Cocktail Bar A&Co. sarpi hotel ristorante doc isola cocktails club ticinese vercelli bar wine shop ... wine options. Cheers! Add to print basket Go to print basket Add to bookmarks Add note Go to note ...

  8. Food & Drinks


    Lingua Inglese A new wine shop here in town, with clean, ethereal styling and lots of current ... of day-to-day life. Their November to January special offer of a free glass of wine for any patrons who were ...

  9. Travel

    Andar Per Vino!

    on the hunt for a great little drinking wine, a well-matured fox-grape tipple or a bottle of something winy to console you as the days continue to get ever-shorter. Let’s start with the A& Co wine shop ...

  10. Food & Drinks

    El Buscia

    Dedicated to people fond of Champagne! Lingua Inglese Wine shop always focused on Italian ... and the neophytes with stunning adventures! Viale Beatrice d'Este n. 48.  Cibarie porta romana wine shop ...