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  1. Kids

    CAI Milano

    Lingua Inglese The Milan branch of the CAI is located in a little private road in the Vercelli ... of unforgettable missions are on offer here! Always check the times and scheduled programmes. Bambini vercelli ...

  2. Culture

    Residenza Vignale

    located in Corso Vercelli, Residenza Vignale, whose design included the creative input of Loos, ... hidden in each of us! Via Toti 2.  Culture vercelli residenza eventi casavignale0.jpg casavignale1.jpg ...

  3. Shop

    Amedeo D.

    vercelli look teens da 15:00 a 19:30 amedeod1.png amedeod1.png da 10:30 a 19:30 da 10:30 a 19:30 da 10:30 a 19:30 Posizione Galleria Corso Vercelli n. 23 Milano Italia Telefono: 02 48004048 45° 27' ...

  4. Hotel & Relax

    Come a casa

    Lingua Inglese Nice and cute b&b, two rooms with a view and a library with music hall: a dream comes through! Home made biscuits and jam for breakfast! Book now! Hotel vercelli b&b ...

  5. Food & Drinks

    Fatto Bene Burger

    A nice burger is a touch of Heaven! Lingua Inglese Great meat, great burgers, perfecto location!  Cibarie vercelli hamburger street food fattobeneburger01.png fattobeneburger02.png fattobene02.jpg ...

  6. Shop


    vercelli fiori da 14:30 a 18:30 domitilla000.jpg domitilla01.png domitilla02.jpg da 09:30 a 13:00 da 09:30 ...

  7. Food & Drinks


    Lingua Inglese New entry in town, Marta lives at Matteo Bandello n. 14 just in connection with Spazio Orlandi: quality and ideas always coming together! Cibarie vercelli ristorante viveri catering ...

  8. Food & Drinks


    Lingua Inglese One of my favourite Grom corners in town! You can enjoy even queuing before trying the Grom Cream, simply perfect!  Cibarie vercelli gelateria da 12:00 a 23:00 da 12:00 a 23:00 grom00.png ...

  9. Shop

    Labitino easy chic

    Shopping sfrenato vercelli look donna da 15:00 a 19:00 labitino0.png labitino1.png abitino02.jpg da 10:00 ...

  10. Shop

    Clizia Ornato

    can get a nice bracelet or always unforgettable earings! Shopping sfrenato vercelli gioielli creativi ...