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  1. Hotel & Relax

    Come a casa

    Lingua Inglese Nice and cute b&b, two rooms with a view and a library with music hall: a dream comes through! Home made biscuits and jam for breakfast! Book now! Hotel vercelli b&b ...

  2. Food & Drinks

    Fatto Bene Burger

    A nice burger is a touch of Heaven! Lingua Inglese Great meat, great burgers, perfecto location!  Cibarie vercelli hamburger street food fattobeneburger01.png fattobeneburger02.png fattobene02.jpg ...

  3. Food & Drinks


    Lingua Inglese New entry in town, Marta lives at Matteo Bandello n. 14 just in connection with Spazio Orlandi: quality and ideas always coming together! Cibarie vercelli ristorante viveri catering ...

  4. Food & Drinks


    Lingua Inglese One of my favourite Grom corners in town! You can enjoy even queuing before trying the Grom Cream, simply perfect!  Cibarie vercelli gelateria da 12:00 a 23:00 da 12:00 a 23:00 grom00.png ...

  5. Shop

    Labitino easy chic

    Shopping sfrenato vercelli look donna da 15:00 a 19:00 labitino0.png labitino1.png abitino02.jpg da 10:00 ...

  6. Shop

    Clizia Ornato

    can get a nice bracelet or always unforgettable earings! Shopping sfrenato vercelli gioielli creativi ...

  7. Food & Drinks

    Pastificio Irma

    Lingua Inglese Since ages the Pastificio Irma makes our formal dinner or just our Easter brunch special events: pasta to serve as Mrs. Irma teaches and orders! Cibarie vercelli viveri pasta fresca ...

  8. Food & Drinks

    La maniera di Carlo

    Lingua Inglese A new entry in town during the Expo time: nice place, perfect chef with new ideas with a classic way of cooking. Just enjoy it! At via Rasori n. 12. Cibarie vercelli ristorante da 12:00 a 14:30 ...

  9. Food & Drinks

    Pasta fresca da Giovanni

    Cibarie vercelli bistrot pasta da 12:00 a 18:00 pastafresca00.png pastafresca01.png ...

  10. Food & Drinks

    Pasticceria Biffi

    vercelli pasticceria caffetteria da 07:30 a 20:00 da 07:30 a 20:00 biffi00.jpg biffi01.jpg biffi02.jpg ...