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  1. Kids

    Hello Kids!

    in Corso Magenta. Bambini meravigli laboratorio inglese kids hellokids00.jpg hellokids01.jpg Posizione San ...

  2. Kids

    Metodo Vedres per bimbi

    18-02-2016 Bambini meravigli gym kids Since September a new way for our kids gym! Vedres school and style, inspired by modern dance, it's a nice start for children from six years old and on. At via De ...

  3. Kids

    Apple pie

    Lingua Inglese Apple pie is the milanese chance to get in touch with the US style for our kids, do not miss it! Bambini sempione look kids da 10:00 a 16:00 applepie00.png applepie01.png applepie02.jpg ...

  4. Kids

    Piscina Miele

    Locker rooms perfect and well maintained. It’s a real pleasure to bring the kids here because ... water-games and a dry cake! Bambini isola piscina kids piscinamiele.jpg piscinamiele01.jpg piscinamiele02.jpg ...

  5. Kids


    A pool where kids can grow up at peace with the world Language English Swimming skills and creativity ... lodi giochi kids piscina 07:30 to 20:30 07:30 to 20:30 ludum00.jpg ludum01.jpg ludum02.jpg 07:30 ...

  6. Shop

    Le Troisieme Songe

    Lingua Inglese The Look for children and mothers, with the Maria Cristina Codecasa Conti trademark: the gem that Milan deserves! By appointment only! Shopping sfrenato solari look donna look kids ...

  7. Kids


    Bambini carrobbio laboratori kids parents00.png parents01.png parents02.jpg Posizione Molino delle Armi n. ...

  8. Kids

    Del Selletto

    Vigentina! Bambini corso italia pigiama kids delselletto1.png delselletto2.png delselletto02.jpg Posizione ...

  9. Kids

    Giro Giro Tondo

    30-03-2017 to 18-02-2018 Triennale Bambini sempione museo kids As from Saturday, 1 April, the Triennale Exhibition has inaugurated a new season of play and constructive interests for all our little ...

  10. Kids


    and nephews!  Bambini isola scarpe look kids da 10:00 a 19:00 da 10:00 a 19:00 amanita00.png amanita01.png ...