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  1. Culture

    Pinacoteca di Brera

    artworks is something that you simply have to experience! Culture brera museo pinacoteca1.png ... Brera n. 28 Milano Italia Indirizzo e-mail: Telefono: 02 72263264 45° ...

  2. Food & Drinks

    L'Orto di Brera

    Lingua Inglese This new entry in the Brera district is a proper fruit and vegetable shop that also ... or office! Located at No. 6, Via San Carpoforo. Cibarie brera viveri da 08:30 a 19:00 da 08:30 a 19:00 ...

  3. Travel

    Brera per i regali

    Before the Christmas rush takes over your life, perhaps it’s time to start combing the town on the hunt for that perfect gift, all bright-eyed and open minded! The Brera district is always generously ... Mario Luca Giusti Farfalle Cafezal Specialty Coffee regalo impossibile brera profumi arredo tavola look ...

  4. Travel

    Men and the City of Milan

    in the Brera district, distils and packages distinctive fragrances for even the most discerning noses and the cruellest packaging critics! Also in the Brera district, Sealup instead creates menswear collections ... regalo impossibile look uomo look donna brera ticinese sempione 7 610.00 5718 ...

  5. Culture

    Teatro al Castello

    29-06-2017 to 27-08-2017 Culture brera teatro castello sfozesco Through to 27 August, the Castello ... adventure to the South Pole and July 23 with Bebo Storti as Gioann Brera. As usual at 9.00pm.  Language ...

  6. Shop

    Colorificio Pellegrini

    Italiano Language English In the heart of Milan, in that Via Brera that is always so enveloping, ... the multitude is all-encompassing and truly electrifying! Shop brera colori 09:00 to 19:00 09:00 to 19:00 pellegrini00.jpg 09:00 to 19:00 09:00 to 19:00 Location Brera n. 16 Milano Italy Email address: ...

  7. Culture

    Lalla Romano’s house

    Now everything has been transferred to the Braidense library at 28 Via Brera. Culture brera museo 08:15 to 18:15 08:15 to 18:15 lallaromano00.jpg 08:15 to 18:15 08:15 to 18:15 Location Brera n. 28 ...

  8. Travel

    Milano per il guardaroba

    and magically revamp it! Three mandatory places to go for girls seeking a new look: MiLaura in the Brera ... Store, also in the Brera district, guarantees a fun Spring, while Geniali, located in Via Vincenzo Monti, ... Easter! MiLaura L'Autre Chose G.a.b. Sealup the Store Geniali look donna brera sempione look uomo ...

  9. Travel

    Ludovico Il Moro

    in the well known Pala Sforzesca artwork housed at the Brera Art Gallery before heading off to the studio ... on one of the tastiest Christmas Panettoni on offer anywhere in the world! Pinacoteca di Brera Fabio Aguzzi Bonpoint museo brera galleria scala look kids 680.00 494 ...

  10. Shop

    Les Amis

    Lingua Inglese Sandals, boots, heels: whatever you image or dream about shoes, you can easily find it at Les Amis, Brera District! Shopping sfrenato brera look donna scarpe trendy da 15:00 a 19:30 da 10:00 ...