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Tempo di vendemmia
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Shorter days, not as bright, Autumn has arrived with a vengeance. Milan is always resplendent and deserves to be enjoyed to the hilt! So let’s enjoy it then and sample a few organic or even non-organic wines, depending on your personal preferences.

Champagne Socialiste offers an excellent opportunity for conviviality that smacks of trendy wines and international wine tasting, not to be missed.

Egalité lets you roam around the world of French wines, creamy butter and across-the-Alps bread making that never disappoints!

Ricerca Vini is your classic wine store with attitude that’s great any time of year, whereas the Bicerin flirts with more unusual and innovative tastings.

However, The Botanical Club ends our tour of discovery of the drinking-man’s Milan in style and offers a whole range of truly award winning gins!

Three cheers for Autumn!

Food & Drinks
Champagne Socialist
Via Lecco n. 1 - Milano
Tel. 02 2047295
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

Champagne Socialist has arrived at No. 1, Via Lecco, where lovers of wine with no chemical additives can get together with friends, to offer us inquisitive Milanese the chance to try a few interesting

Food & Drinks
Via Melzo n. 22 - Milano
Tel. 02 83482318
a piedi: 0.664 km
8 min

On the increasingly trendy Via Melzo is where Thierry Loy has decided to open his little corner of France in Milan. Stratospheric baguettes (even ones with a double backside so that you can snack on o

Food & Drinks
Ricerca Vini
Vincenzo Monti n. 29 - Milano
Tel. 02 460471
a piedi: 3.55 km
44 min

A combined tavern and wine shop, what more could you ever want?  Ricerca Vini has continued to grow over the years, both in terms of awareness and their selection of ever more intriguing niche wi

Food & Drinks
Panfilo Castaldi n. 24 - Milano
Tel. 02 84258410
a piedi: 3.238 km
40 min

A well established, up-to-date wine bar that also knows how to push the limits and offer different events: for example, on Monday evenings from 8 to 9pm, 6 wine lovers can get together to sample a goo

Food & Drinks
The Botanical Club
Via Pastrengo n. 11 - Milano
Tel. 02 36523846
a piedi: 1.965 km
26 min

Well-made aperitifs all inspired by the gin distillery that has been in town since 2015, constant experimentation with new dishes and methods of presentation and a genuine atmosphere with very enjoyab