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Non solo Moda!
a piedi: 80.51 Km
16h 52m 23s
Non solo Moda!
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In this week that’s all about an endless stream of fashion shows, let’s stroll through Milan to pay our respects to the events that playfully bring the city to life, with just a touch of disenchantment!
Let’s not forget the ever avant-garde fashion displays that the Hangar Bicocca puts on for us with creative regularity.
Don’t overlook the Fondazione Prada, which focuses on an alternative look and the across-the-board Beauty culture.
Let yourself be permeated by the rigour and the veneration of the less-is-more attitude of the origami school of thought at Origami-Do in Via Sartirana.
Finally, drop in at Coco-mat to give your old bed a new lease of life with a trendy makeover, before ending on a high at Donna Elissa: after all, anything classical is always trendy!

Hangar Bicocca
Chiese n. 2 - Milano
Tel. 02 66111573
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

A concrete way, always on the run, to create, share and spread art in town: Hangar Biccoca is a place to keep in mind ever.Intriguing also the restaurant inside.

Fondazione Prada
Viale Isarco n. 2 - Milano
Tel. 02 56662611
a piedi: 11.399 km
141 min

Fondazione Prada promises us great exhibitions and an intriguing agenda of lessons about and around Contemporary Art: huge!

Sartirana n. 6 - Milano
Tel. 02 58103097 - 3333836620
a piedi: 35.102 km
448 min

The art of Origami is a little frightening for most people, too much so, it would seem! Too much patience required, too many failed attempts, too much paper wasted, too old fashioned! Once you’ve ha

Via San Prospero n. 4 - Milano
Tel. 02 49533610
a piedi: 33.381 km
414 min

Coconut fibre mattresses, the latest word in sleeping comfort for those of you who are desperately searching for that lost-cause that is a perfectly-distended and properly-relaxed spinal-column! It’

Donna Elissa
Bernardino Luini n. 7 - Milano
Tel. 02 877684
a piedi: 0.632 km
7 min

Vintage style, unforgettable bags, unusual clothes: better pop in at via Luini, only after paying a visit to San Maurizio Church, just around the corner!Wise idea arranging a dedicated appointment!&nb