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Milano, si ricomincia!
a piedi: 13.28 Km
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Milano, si ricomincia!
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September’s well on its way, pomegranates are everywhere and school’s about to start again. What you need is some creative inspiration to make this new beginning easier to bear…so treat yourself with an excellent Tiramisù at Mascherpa in Via De Amicis before treating yourself even more by choosing a new look for September at Rapa Design for us girls, or at Gab Uomo for your fussy partners and brothers!
Instead, to stock up on some genuine, Japanese style stationery, drop in at Stamberga in Via Melzo and complete your different kind of outing by popping in at Open, a combined co-working venue, bookshop and coffee bar, to get yourself back in the groove and revive your desire to sit and chat.
Ready, steady, go! Good luck with your new beginning!

Food & Drinks
Via de Amicis n. 7 - Milano
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

What used to be the kingdom of the Pistocchi cake has now become the Paradise of the perfect Tiramisù, which they also make in Pistachio and Hazelnut flavors and can either be sampled right there on

Rapa Design
Pastrengo n. 5a - Milano
Tel. 02 23167868
a piedi: 3.867 km
48 min

Rather-Parisian clothing, I’d say, for that natural feminine look, and children’s clothing that is an absolute boon for those busy mothers who are rushed off their feet!A charming store with absol

G.a.b. Uomo
Via Vincenzo Monti n. 56 - Milano
Tel. 02 36750355
a piedi: 2.803 km
34 min

Now at No. 56, Via Vincenzo Monti, the men’s version of G.a.b: polite and always trendy, but with understated elegance! Now the boys can also be permanently satisfied and spoilt! Hurrah!

Via Melzo n. 3 - Milano
Tel. 335 5636433
a piedi: 4.089 km
51 min

Stamberga inhabits an inner courtyard off Via Melzo with calm reserve. You have to know the place in order to appreciate the full extent of its sights, evocativeness and inspiration! Stamberga is not

Viale Montenero n. 6 - Milano
Tel. 02 83425610
a piedi: 2.519 km
31 min

Open has just arrived at Viale Montenero 6, a multi-tasking initiative seeking to guide Milan to Berlin and back! Not only is it a special bookshop  in its own right because of the highly select