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Milano per il risotto
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Milano per il risotto
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Longing for Springtime, bright colours and crisp air: yellow is the perfect colour for these visions of ours that are decidedly urban in nature, so let’s go out on the hunt for a good Saffron Risotto, which has always been a trademark of our town!
The list of good potential places to find a good risotto is always very limited, extremely personal and even somewhat cruel, so proceed with a generous spirit and taste-buds at the ready!
I have always been a fan of the Ratanà’s risotto, which is rich, creamy, as comforting as the surroundings and as perfectly at ease as Chef Battisti!
The risotto at the Trattoria al Nuovo Macello also smacks of tradition, much like grandma waiting for you to get back from school, and totally indestructible certainties.
Also, when you’re sitting at the Trattoria Masuelli’s table, the history of Milan and the “La Gola” and “Slow Food” reviews come to mind as the golden pistils arrive in your timeless and incredibly good risotto!
At Casa Fontana it’s virtually a sin to limit yourself to the Milan-style risotto given the incredible range of well-prepared risottos on offer. Their Garlic risotto is a text-book example.
At Testina they bank on offering the classic touch with a dash of style, keeping an eye on modern trends while focusing on our very distinctive past!

Food & Drinks
G. de Castillia n. 28 - Milano
Tel. 02 87128855
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

Chef Cesare Battisti has been directing operations in the Ratanà kitchen for a number of years now.  Rock-solid tradition, excellent ingredients and unforgettable wines immediately showered fame

Food & Drinks
Trattoria del Nuovo Macello
Via Lombroso n. 20 - Milano
a piedi: 4.981 km
63 min

A classic and lively point of reference for traditional Milanese cuisine, the Trattoria del Nuovo Macello remains true to the tradition of the perfect crumbed steak, mouth watering ossobuco and the ho

Food & Drinks
Trattoria Masuelli San Marco
Viale Umbria n. 80 - Milano
Tel. 02 55184138
a piedi: 0.782 km
9 min

The Trattoria Masuelli is one of Milan’s iconic restaurants. For generations they have been offering Milanese locals and the city’s visitors an eye-watering yellow risotto, a heavenly “ossobuco

Food & Drinks
Casa Fontana - 23 risotti
Piazza Carbonari n. 5 - Milano
Tel. 02 6704710
a piedi: 5.039 km
64 min

Goodbye Milanese-style Risotto! At Casa Fontana the boring yellow risotto simply doesn’t exist (although they do actually offer one with all the bells and whistles, including bone-marrow!) and the d

Food & Drinks
Abbadesse n. 19 - Milano
Tel. 02 4035907 - 349 1684213
a piedi: 0.554 km
6 min

Tables decked out in classic red and white-check tablecloths, classic Thonet-style bentwood chairs and classic Milanese cuisine with some more than welcome Emilian  touches, this little Milan gem