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Mappa filante!
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Since Milan is currently all about fun and wrapped in streamers, why not have a bit of fun yourself and drop in at Miracolo a Milano for a perfect mozzarella cheese “in carrozza” (similar to a toasted sandwich) to be savoured in all its glorious stringiness? Or what about enjoying the white delight together with a confetti-inspired cocktail at Chiù in Via Vincenzo Monti?
There’s an intriguing jacket or colourful shirt waiting just for you at Manuela Stella in the Molino delle Armi, whereas if you’re looking to decorate your home or office appropriately for a proper Carnival-time, you simply have to drop in at I giorni di carta in the Brera district!
Get your perfect old-favourites like “Chiacchiere” and Tortelli” from Gattullo!
Never mind Lent!

Food & Drinks
Miracolo a Milano
Stendhal n. 47 - Milano
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

Notwithstanding the fact that trendy mozzarella-bars seem to be taking over Milan and the entire world, I personally prefer to tell you about real, down-to-earth venues to tempt even the most demandin

Food & Drinks
Vincenzo Monti n. 32 - Milano
Tel. 02 39400694
a piedi: 2.21 km
27 min

More than just a mozzarella bar, much more than just a place to eat and much, much more than just a grocery  store that’s stocked with the Italian specialities that they have always prepared th

Manuela Stella
Via Vettabbia n. 1 - Milano
a piedi: 2.165 km
26 min

I first met Manuela for business reasons when she still worked at Banca Intesa and dreamt about getting into the world of fashion.A few years ago she finally managed to open this delightful little bou

I giorni di carta
Corso Garibaldi n. 81 - Milano
Tel. 02 6552514
a piedi: 2.642 km
33 min

In my long-since mind-bending search for the perfect stationery store I couldn’t have wished for a better candidate.The space is small, but the feeling of diving in head-first amongst their ribbons,

Food & Drinks
Pasticceria Gattullo
Piazzale di Porta Lodovica n. 2 - Milano
Tel. 02 58310497 - 335 5256507
a piedi: 2.937 km
36 min

As an historic Milan venue frequented by people like Abatantuomo and Jannacci, the Pasticceria Gattullo has nevertheless always managed to retain its trademark family feel.  Excellent qualit