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Magic Summer in Milan
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Magic Summer in Milan
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August in Milan is hyperactive and tough, so enjoy this town that’s always open to inquisitive tourists and Milanese dreamers alike!
The Fondazione Prada museum is currently the place to be seen: a new restaurant, a now tower, new visual stimuli and a bar that is truly like a movie set.
The Bulk is the place for aperitifs that smack of great flavour and excellent night-life: the Hotel Viu has managed to strike the perfect balance between gin and tapas.
For some wild shopping, on the other hand, the place to go is the newly opened and highly imaginative Tenoha concept store, where Milan casts an eye to the Orient.
Looking for a dinner that smacks of recreation, enjoyment and escape from the humdrum? FuoriBinario awaits you!
Thereafter, Gogol&Company offers the most creative summer reads, the trendiest magazines and a coffee that is simply great, whatever the season!
Enjoy the holidays, Milan!

Fondazione Prada
Viale Isarco n. 2 - Milano
Tel. 02 56662611
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

Fondazione Prada promises us great exhibitions and an intriguing agenda of lessons about and around Contemporary Art: huge!

Hotel & relax
Hotel VIU Milan
Via Fioravanti n. 6 - Milano
Tel. 02 80010910
a piedi: 5.896 km
74 min

A brand new hotel in town: Hotel VIU Milan meets all your needs to get in touch with the city and relax at the same time!Besides, Mr. Morelli, a creative italian chef, has chosen to arrange there his

Via Vigevano n. 18 - Milano
Tel. 02 80889147
a piedi: 4.074 km
50 min

Newly opened last spring, Tenoha (a mix of a Japanese term meaning "hands and leaves " and the concept of a creative, efficacious and socially useful project) inhabits a huge, bright space located in

Food & Drinks
Turati n. 20 - Rodano
a piedi: 17.556 km
217 min

A late 19th Century British train carriage and a great desire to try new things and to rediscover the joy of being together in good spirit are what drives the Bistro in Rodano that is the brainchild o

Gogol & Company
Savona n. 101 - Milano
Tel. 02 45470449
a piedi: 19.278 km
240 min

A place for sharing, comparing and just being together, this is the spirit behind Gogol& Company, confirming that Milan is ready to be a true European city! The shop is designed for books, a books