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Lala Milan
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Lala Milan
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Totally overcome by the bitter-sweet pleasantness of the new Hollywood masterpiece, we dance for our town remembering just a few of the myriad solicitations that Mia and Sebastien have so generously given us.
Madame Pauline Vintage or La Boule de neige is where you have to go to find an outfit, a pair of shoes or a handbag that pays homage to the ever splendid but never over the top Emma Stone’s  “Fifties” look.
Meanwhile, can an evening at the Blue Note ever really match the thrill of Seb’s?
A great cocktail at The Botanical Club will undoubtedly sweep away any doubts you may have and the cosy atmosphere of the Baxter Cinema will make you feel like you’re at the Cinema Rialto, totally enraptured by West Side Story!
Hooray for musicals!

Madame Pauline Vintage
Foro Buonaparte n. 74 - Milano
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

Madame Pauline Vintage is the place to go to find the kind of vintage items that are brimming with character and are able to make you feel truly emotional!I love their total dedication to finding the

Boule de neige
Corso Como n. 8 - Milano
Tel. 02 62910777
a piedi: 1.589 km
19 min

At nr. 8 Corso Como, Boule de neige (famous English rose) is very keen on indulging madams and young girls with bags and dresses very modern vintage!At nr. 3 the more classic stylish idea takes place

Blue Note Milano
Via Pietro Borsieri n. 37 - Milano
Tel. 02 69016888
a piedi: 1.145 km
14 min

Blue Note is by now a City Institution  , well-managed by a group of colleagues with a passion for jazz, offering a wide range for genre enthusiasts, even allowing an opening for more pop experim

Food & Drinks
The Botanical Club
Via Pastrengo n. 11 - Milano
Tel. 02 36523846
a piedi: 0.496 km
6 min

Well-made aperitifs all inspired by the gin distillery that has been in town since 2015, constant experimentation with new dishes and methods of presentation and a genuine atmosphere with very enjoyab

Baxter Cinema
Largo Augusto n. 1 - Milano
Tel. 02 97070185
a piedi: 3.411 km
44 min

The Baxter Concept Store now inhabits the former home of the unforgettable President movie theatre: simply brilliant!Magnificent seating, excellent drinks, unusual books and a truly cosseting atmosphe