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Il FuoriSalone a modo nostro!
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Il FuoriSalone a modo nostro!
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An endless array of events and encounters are flooding the whole of Milan during these frenzied creative days of the Trade Fair and, in our own way, we are trying to be cool and vivacious!

In Via Gian Giacomo Mora, Lisa Corti will be unveiling her new range of decorative tapestries on Friday 18 April, from 6.00pm onwards.

Funky Table, also situated in the centre of Milan, is organising a PopCorn & Liscio Party for a Decomposed Table-setting exhibition in collaboration with Bitossi Home, also on Friday 18 April from 6.00pm to 11.00pm.

Just a short way away in Via Santa Marta, the genuine American designer brand BDDW will be broadcasting Radio M. Crow every day for the entire duration of the Trade Fair, as well as Tyler chairs and accessories and Independent Leather Company New-York style wallets for a not to be missed cocktail party,  also on the 18th April and also on Friday, from 6.30pm to 11.00pm.

The Pasticceria Cucchi will also be a safe haven in which to regain your strength and prepare you to end off with a simply essential detour to Fritz Hansen in Via San Simpliciano!

Lisa Corti
Lecco n. 2 - Milano
Tel. 02 29405589
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

Lisa Corti is one of those Milanese gems that have been part of our lives forever, initially offering the kind of old-school home decor fabrics that you might expect to find on the armchair in your pa

Funky Table
Santa Marta n. 19 - Milano
Tel. 02 36748619
a piedi: 2.556 km
32 min

Funky Table will easily become your personal milestone for a perfect dinner or bruch table!Just for creative milanese people, fond of the art of entertaining! 

Santa Marta n. 19/A - Milano
Tel. 02 22229467
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

In our city centre a truly States world: Tyler Hays' gallery offers original accessories of young and eclectic artists with furniture made of wood and iron coming directly form the US!Fresh air! 

Food & Drinks
Pasticceria Cucchi
Corso Genova n. 1 - Milano
Tel. 02 89409793
a piedi: 0.694 km
8 min

For generations now, the Pasticceria Cucchi has been cheering up our Sundays at home, our Thursday evening aperitifs and the well-stuffed afternoon snacks of the lucky little ones that live in the Tic

Fritz Hansen
Corso Garibaldi n. 77 - Milano
Tel. 02 49526135
a piedi: 2.34 km
29 min

All-Danish design, mon amour!Finally, in the ever-sparkling Brera district, Fritz Hansen has offered a bright, welcoming home to some historic Jacobsen and Wegner pieces, as well as a new range of dar