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For a November that is not just about Thanksgiving, turn to good old chocolate to help you brave the early cold, the first seasonal blues and the sudden advent of those gloomy days!

A lesson at the newly opened Chocolate Academy is an absolute must as part of our urban tour, From pralines to Sacher Torte, anything goes and you can learn about everything here at this temple of greediness and haute patisserie.

If you’re wanting to savour an excellent hot chocolate and be able to choose between a thousand different delicious slabs, then Zaini is just the place for you, an old-school chocolate shop that nevertheless also manages to stay up to date with its new and innovative options.

The only place to buy a raspberry and chocolate tart is from master-confectioner Knam himself. His shop has become a shining beacon in the world of chocolate works of art.

If, on the other hand, you simply can’t resist a good praline, Odilla upholds the Turin tradition with a touch of sparkle!

End your day on a pleasant note with a good coffee and a chocolaty treat at Sugar, a magic little venue in Via Vincenzo Monti.

Here’s wishing you all a tasty afternoon snack!

Food & Drinks
Chocolate Academy
Via Morimondo n. 23 - Milano
Tel. 02 82464601
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

Barry Callebaut’s Chocolate Academy has finally landed with great professionalism and passionate enthusiasm, featuring Italian chocolate guru Davide Comaschi and master ice-cream maker Paolo Cappell

Food & Drinks
Carlo De Cristoforis n. 5 - Milano
Tel. 02 694914449
a piedi: 5.483 km
69 min

In the old Headquarters of “Zaini, chocolate for all ages”, the shop that we were all waiting for opened up just a few months ago: a retro-style atmosphere, chocolates that are in keeping with mod

Food & Drinks
Ernst Knam
Augusto Anfossi n. 10 - Milano
Tel. 02 55194448
a piedi: 3.489 km
43 min

An address that has long since become legendary! Amazing chocolate delights with a myriad of different types of jam, not to mention their biscuits.  The coffee-flavoured finger biscuits are absol

Food & Drinks
Odilla Chocolat
Corso Garibaldi n. 38 - Milano
a piedi: 3.159 km
39 min

Odilla has just arrived here in Milan with its traditional Turin cuisine and is already creating a stir!  They couldn’t have chosen any more likely spot than No. 48, Corso Garibaldi! You simply

Food & Drinks
Pasticceria Sugar
Vincenzo Monti n. 26 - Milano
Tel. 02 4815376
a piedi: 1.392 km
17 min

With its premises newly renovated and all white and spotless, in keeping with the latest fashion for messy cooks, the reason you go into the Sugar confectionery to enjoy a good coffee served in a cour