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Bruno Munari
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Bruno Munari
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I sometimes ask myself “How many drawings have become so familiar to me thanks to this teacher, how many librettos that he created have made me feel really grown up and how many paper lamps and decorated stones have creatively inspired my lucid, rational but rather primitive little mind since I was seven years old?”! Bruno Munari, together with my parents, gave me an entirely new perspective of the world, and of my place within it, and I would like to start this walk precisely at this “workshop” in Via Sardegna, created by farsighted parents and dedicated teachers, which now offers disenchanted urban youngsters the opportunity to learn how to do things for themselves and to dream thanks to their own efforts. Next in line, It’s your personal duty and absolute responsibility to have a falafel with humus at Re Salomone, where they serve up Kosher cuisine that’s almost as good, plain and simple as the rules for Snakes and Ladders! Respect for tradition, respect for a father’s efforts, and the care taken in the preparation of old-fashioned, healthy jams are all hallmarks of the Elli confectionery, located in the newly-revived Piazza Piemonte and now run by the founder’s daughter with the kind of stubborn determination and absolute passion that you’ll only ever find in the grateful child of a much-loved father.

Sardegna n. 55 - Milano
Tel. 02 39401000 - 349 4090160
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Having grown up with Bruno Munari’s books and workshops, when I heard that his School of mind and fun would “rising again” in Via Sardegna I got all emotional! Books and paper lamps, rice-paper

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Via Sardegna n. 45 - Milano
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In the footsteps of that magnificent cultural and gastronomic adventure that was the Re Salomone, Ba'Ghetto has now arrived here in town. We Milanese love the long-standing tradition of Roman-Jewish c

Food & Drinks
Pasticceria Elli
Piazza Piemonte n. 8 - Milano
Tel. 02 48004788
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I grew up on Mr. Elli’s winter jam-tarts which, when summertime came around, would magically turn into a light pastry filled to the brim with chocolate ice-cream!  Although he left us unexpecte