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Bimbi in vacanza
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Bimbi in vacanza
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School is almost out and the first few hours of sweet freedom are looming for our little hard workers, so

why not reward them with a great afternoon out at Aero-Gravity, a playground cum flight simulator that’s exciting both for adults and little ones alike! 

Or what about a full day out at Volandia, a real haven for true lovers of flight history and budding young Icaruses!

Next you could let loose by buying some proper beach and recreation gear at Casa del Bianco, just to make your seaside holiday both light-hearted and elegant! Then it’s time to revamp the sandal collection at Chipie dai Monelli, a safe port of call for every season!

End the day with a summery dinner at Al Fresco’s urban garden, a dreamy spot for a super-relaxing Milanese holiday!

Volandia Parco Museo del Volo
Via Per Tornavento n. 15 - Somma Lombardo
Tel. 0331 230642
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

Opened a few years ago, in the old factory premises of the Caproni company with an exemplary vision, generosity and clarity of information, examples and exhibits of aircraft with associated flight sim

Via Gabriele d'Annunzio n. 23 - Pero
Tel. 02 45471432
a piedi: 39.149 km
484 min

Started about a year ago, the Aero-Gravity adventure has already found a warm spot in the hearts of us Milanese. Finding out what it feels like to free-fall through the air is not just an adrenalin in

Casa del Bianco
Corso Magenta n. 2 - Milano
a piedi: 9.494 km
118 min

An long-established traditional Milan institution, year after year this store has managed to prove yet again that it is a real help for mothers who want to ensure a healthy supply of classical yet viv

Belfiore n. 15 - Milano
a piedi: 1.832 km
22 min

As a woman with a shoe fetish, when I begin to think like a mother I become truly manic about the little ones’ foot soles with a less than subtle anxiety about shoes that have fit just right, soles

Food & Drinks
Al Fresco
Via Savona n. 50 - Milano
Tel. 02 49533630
a piedi: 1.77 km
21 min

Although this has for some time been an historic venue for dinner under the trees, now, since May 2017, it has been under the expert guidance of Nicola Delfino, a Roman chef who knows exactly how to p