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Back to school!
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Back to school!
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Back to school time is always frantic, but also loaded with expectation! So why not drop in at Rigadritto in the Brera district, where you will be able to pick up a great schoolbag that even has place for a photo of the first day at school, absolutely unbeatable! For that very-British, classic look with a bit of sparkle, take a short walk down to Rue des Enfants in Via Lanzone, which never disappoints, before treating your little students with a refreshing visit to Fate i Capricci just a short way away, or even the new, very-PlayMobil-style place in Via San Michele del Carso.

Don’t forget to drop in and pick up a good book at Aribac, the bookshop dedicated to today’s and tomorrow’s readers, before ending in style with a visit to Pisotti to fill the schoolbags and rucksacks to the hilt with exercise books and pens at unbeatable prices.

Brera n. 6 - Milano
Tel. 02 80582936
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0 min

For me, this home-away-from-home stationery store in Via Brera is a place I simply can’t stop myself from visiting religiously every week, but every time I drop in there I’m taken-aback by the fac

Rue des Enfants
Sant'Agnese n. 12 - Milano
Tel. 02 8053683
a piedi: 1.206 km
14 min

For little ones with hearts of gold this outlet in Via Sant' Agnese fits like a glove! Little outfits, suits, tiny shoes that even grandmothers like, anything goes here at Rue des Enfants, not to ment

Fate i capricci
Lanzone n. 7 - Milano
Tel. 02 804453
a piedi: 0.774 km
9 min

As a place that tugs at the heartstrings and brings back memories, “Fate i capricci” is certainly far more than just your traditional children’s toyshop: for adults it is like a loving embrace w

Via Porpora n. 62 - Milano
Tel. 02 83424141
a piedi: 5.033 km
63 min

In the premises in Via Porpora, a book shop for children between the ages of zero and fourteen years of age has been born and continues to grow: a meeting place at which to get together, not by force

Pisotti S.r.l.
Alzaia Naviglio Grande n. 98 - Milano
Tel. 02 89403348
a piedi: 6.822 km
85 min

For those of you that have a secret little passion for paper and stationery objects and gems, this is just the place for you!It’s not new, in fact it’s an old classic with new sparkle.Formerly the