Itinerario di redazione
Anna Kuliscioff
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Anna Kuliscioff
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Anna Kuliscioff is undeniably and unquestionably an important part of the history of that aspect of Milan that we so love to defend and experience to the hilt. Because of her background as a reformed and redirected anarchist, courageous instigator of the earliest Italian socialist movements, medical practitioner to the people  living in the some of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods of our town and indomitable champion of feminist issues and us girl’s right to vote, I really love to take a spiritual walk with her alongside because her open-mindedness never ceases to inspire me.
It’s important to start this walk at the Foundation that bears her name, situated in Via Vallazze, where over 3,500 volumes containing myriad exceptionally interesting documents and letters of the time are housed. Heading down to Via Panfilo Castaldi, we can lighten up a little by dropping in at the Violette Nails Room, where Helena offers a bit of award-winning, Russian-style pampering for your hands and feet! Just a little further along, the boots on offer at Judari/Russy in Viale Majno will transport your mind straight back to the film set of Doctor Zhivago. Given the decidedly Russian flavour of this walk, we simply cannot avoid a final visit to the Libreria Musicale Gallini in Via Gorani, where sheet music, librettos and appropriate little musical gems merrily await your arrival.

Fondazione Anna Kuliscioff
Vallazze n. 34 - Milano
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

I need do no more than describe the library contained in the Fondazione: 3500 books that have, from Anna Kuliscioff to Filippo Turati,  inspired the first socialist visions of the Italian world a

Hotel & relax
Violette Nails Room
Panfilo Castaldi n. 20 - Milano
Tel. 02 29519283
a piedi: 2.159 km
27 min

Helena has dedicated this entire little haven of relaxation to Nicola Romanoff’s favourite fragrance: that of the Violet!Needless to say, all the soaps, sweets and room-deodorisers in this place are

Viale Majno n. 32 - Milano
Tel. 02 84173839
a piedi: 0.706 km
8 min

Russian boots right here in Milan!Made of felted-wool, strictly flat-soled according to tradition, in bright colours and either with or without nap, the boots these girls produce will steal the hearts

Gallini Musical Bookshop
Gorani n. 8 - Milano
Tel. 02 72000398
a piedi: 2.613 km
32 min

You’ll find librettos, scores, memories of the past and musical interpretations inhabiting the shelves of the Libreria Gallini.If, however,  you have a secret passion for Russian composers and