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Andar Per Vino!
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Andar Per Vino!
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Once you’re in Autumn-mode, it’s a simple matter to take a stroll through the streets of Milan on the hunt for a great little drinking wine, a well-matured fox-grape tipple or a bottle of something winy to console you as the days continue to get ever-shorter. Let’s start with the A& Co wine shop in the Pagano district, where Italian wines happily sit side by side with their Californian and Australian counterparts, perfect for a healthy, enjoyable, all-encompassing tasting session! Next, head off down to the Brera district to drop in at N'ombre de vin, where they organise some evening tasting sessions where you can sample some truly excellent French wines! If you also want to sample some cured meats, then you need to make a detour to Le Rosse in Corso Garibaldi, or to Fioraio Bianchi in Via Montebello for a break that also smells of orchids. A cautious purchase or guided tasting is absolutely guaranteed at SignorVino in Piazza Duomo. Taste, people, taste.

Food & Drinks
Piero Capponi n. 5 - Milano
Tel. 02 92869500
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A trio of friends, with backgrounds in the world of communication ( which always helps) a healthy enthusiasm and a lot of knowledge have used their magic formula to ensure the success of their enoteca

Food & Drinks
N'ombra de vin
San Marco n. 2 - Milano
Tel. 02 6599650
a piedi: 2.743 km
34 min

A spectacular venue where you are surrounded by tightly racked bottles of some of Tuscany and France’s most special wines and covered by vaulted ceilings that are reminiscent of the Court of King He

Food & Drinks
Le Rosse
Corso Garibaldi n. 79 - Milano
Tel. 02 92870416
a piedi: 0.535 km
6 min

The origin of this place’s name immediately becomes apparent when you see the two massively imposing and reassuring Berkel flywheel slicers that decorate the place superbly!  Everything else th

Food & Drinks
Fioraio Bianchi Caffè
Montebello n. 7 - Milano
Tel. 02 29014390 - 333 7469333
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5 min

A venue with an established reputation as the place to go for a quick lunch or a romantic dinner. Its location in a former flower-arranging workshop that has celebrated many graduations makes this ven

Food & Drinks
Piazza del Duomo - Milano
Tel. 02 89092539
a piedi: 1.368 km
16 min

The desire to innovate, try something different and diversify: Calzedonia and this "wine experience" are worlds apart and truly compelling! Their display window not only showcase Italian excellen