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Andar per libri
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While you breath in the crisp winter air and count down the days to the start of the BookCity fair, why not stroll around this Milan of ours on the hunt for that perfect book!
Your first stop will be at an old-favourite, the Libreria Adelphi, for a classic that never disappoints.
Next, head straight down to the Libreria di Cultura Gastronomica Malafarina to cast an eye on the red-hot cooker fad!
Then go and seek a bit of refuge in the always welcoming and stimulating Gogol & Company sitting room, where you can learn to talk and read out loud.
Stopping off at the historic Libreria Utopia is an absolute must!
At the Libreria Lirus you’ll find printed matter for the entire family, from great fiction books to intriguing non-fiction works, under-18 books to die for, contemporary gems and even school text-books by the dozen.
A book really is forever!

Adelphi Bookshop
G. Brentano n. 2 - Milano
Tel. 02 72573240
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

Where we can plunge happily into the Adelphi publications suiting all tastes, irrespective of when printed!Children’s stories become magical objects, to be reflected on for the rest of our lives.

Malafarina Gastronomic Bookshop
Cellini n. 11 - Milano
a piedi: 2.664 km
32 min

In the spread of the maxi, “hold-all” bookshops there is also a trend which I welcome, the return to the specialist corner, the protection of the niche reader and to attention for detail and indiv

Gogol & Company
Savona n. 101 - Milano
Tel. 02 45470449
a piedi: 5.316 km
66 min

A place for sharing, comparing and just being together, this is the spirit behind Gogol& Company, confirming that Milan is ready to be a true European city! The shop is designed for books, a books

Utopia Bookshop
Via Marsala n. 2 - Milano
a piedi: 4.812 km
60 min

After so many changes of address, the Libreria Utopia has once again returned to its true location in via Marsala 2: simply a legend!

Libreria Lirus
Vitruvio n. 43 - Milano
Tel. 02 6694016
a piedi: 1.724 km
21 min

Libreria Lirus is addictive: the more you go there the more you want to move in permanently at No. 43, Via Vitruvio!Books that are always unusual and discussion that’s always constructive!