Itinerario di redazione
2018 FuoriSalone: eventi eclettici!
a piedi: 15.92 Km
03h 18m 33s
2018 FuoriSalone: eventi eclettici!
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Fratelli Bonvini celebrates the Coccoina brand with limited edition boxes and labels revisited by passionate artists and designers, and even offers workshops for the little ones with their legendary Zenith sewing machines and the creative skills of Munaria. Munari workshops forever! As from Friday 18 April, from 6.30pm onwards.

Chicchi Ginepri, instead, offers its loyal customers a chance to collaborate directly with Tom DeVesto, the heart and soul of Tivoli radio. For the entire duration of Fashion Week, they will be able to enjoy the new models in the Smart Audio line and try out the always awesome sound of these models!

This year, Jannelli & Volpi, located in Via Melzo, gives an insight into the trade secrets of WallPaper Land with a truly visionary and absolutely amazing display!

Antonio Marras, on the other hand, has collaborated with Saba Italia to re-interpret the concept of divans and armchairs with his usual, amazing inspiration! On from 17 to 22 April in the magnificent surroundings of NonostanteMarras, obviously, open from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

Let’s not forget about the movie Maria by Callas, on from 16 to 18 April, a unique, one-of-a-kind documentary film by the master of self-promotion!

Fratelli Bonvini
Via Tagliamento n. 1 - Milano
Tel. 02 5392151
a piedi: 0 km
0 min

Established a few years ago thanks to a group of people’s passion for everything stationery-related, Fratelli Bonvini has now become an icon: fountain pens, writing paper sets, great globes, amazing

Chicchi Ginepri
Piazzale de Agostini n. 4 - Milano
Tel. 02 433664
a piedi: 5.482 km
68 min

I grew to love this branch of Chicchi Ginepri (even though it must be said that the building that houses the Via Manin branch is truly impressive and the Viale Murillo branch has two wonderful display

Jannelli & Volpi
Melzo n. 7 - Milano
Tel. 02 205231
a piedi: 5.448 km
67 min

With its racks and more racks weighed-down with bolts of fabrics, rolls of wallpaper, bathroom linen and much, much more, Jannelli e Volpi has always been a precious resource as well as an enjoyable p

Nonostante Marras
Cola di Rienzo n. 8 - Milano
Tel. 02 76290991
a piedi: 4.992 km
61 min

Antonio Marras certainly needs no introduction in this "my-way" guide: he is perfectly able make his own way around, and very suavely at that!His years’-worth of constant aesthetic and creative inno